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NZ Breakers re-sign Jackson-Cartwright

Parker Jackson-Cartwright NZ Breakers basketball
Parker Jackson-Cartwright will return to the NZ Breakers next season. PHOTO: NZ BREAKERS

The NZ Breakers have fired an incredible shot ahead of the opening of the upcoming Australian National Basketball League (ANBL) free agency period.

The four-time champion club announced on Friday the re-signing of American Parker Jackson-Cartwright, keeping the livewire point guard at Atlas Place for two more seasons.

Jackson-Cartwright finished third in the 2023-24 MVP voting in what was his first season in the competition, and had since signed on to play with Turkish side Galatasaray on an 18-month contract.

The diminutive guard was one of just four players to average more than 20 points per game last season, with 20.6 points, and also finished second in the competition for steals (1.9) and assists (5.8).

Jackson-Cartwright said the only thing on his mind after re-signing for the Breakers was winning a championship.

“I signed with the Breakers for one simple reason – to win a championship,” he said.

“This club has won multiple championships and when you bring a guy back like myself and a team that wants to win, you think championship, you enjoy the process that it takes to be a champion and to be a winner each day no matter how hard it gets, because there is going to be adversity.

"We had tons of adversity this season and we fought to the very end and had chances to be at the top.

“That’s why you sign, you sign to be a part of something greater than yourself and as the season goes on you get better, and as you get better the team grows and camaraderie comes together, and it’s an overall invigorating experience.”

Jackson-Cartwright is just the fourth import in Breakers' history to recommit to the club after their initial contract, and has followed in the footsteps of Mike Chappell, Gary Wilkinson and Cedric Jackson in committing past the first season.

Head coach Mody Maor believed the guard’s early recommitment to the club could help shape the Breakers’ upcoming free agency period.

“We basically entered this off-season with a completely barren cupboard and a very small amount of players on contract. We still have a lot of dominoes that need to fall, and they’re not all going to fall our way. There are going to be some challenges in this team building but so far I am very happy.

“Two weeks ago, you asked me what are the chances Parker re-signs with the Breakers, I gave you a number that was less than one percent. From a basketball standpoint this is as close to a home run as it gets.

"We have a focal point, we have our marquee player, and now we can tailor the team to fit him and maximise his strengths. The real bonus that comes from this is now we can go and build around him.

“I hope signing Parker early helps us with our next recruitment stages and phases, I have to say all our previous imports have been our best ambassadors and they’ve been part of our recruitment process – Brantley was part of recruiting Parker – and Parker will be part of recruiting the next player.”

Jackson-Cartwright has joined Dane Pineau and Sam Mennenga on the Breakers' roster for the 2024-25 season. The ANBL free agency period will officially begin on April 15.


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