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Big changes to women's basketball league

Northern Kahu Tauihi Basketball Aotearoa
The Northern Kahu claimed the 2023 Tauihi Basketball Aotearoa title. PHOTO: DAVE LINTOTT PHOTOGRAPHY

Tauihi Basketball Aotearoa (TBA) has announced a raft of changes for its third season in 2024.

The women's national league will move its schedule to later in the year, consider international expansion and double player wages.

When TBA started in 2022, players were recognised through pay parity with the National Basketball League (NBL). For the 2024 season, payments will significantly increase for players in the women’s league.

TBA is also expanding to welcome teams from beyond New Zealand, with conversations underway with a number of international clubs.

“This is a landmark event for basketball and for Aotearoa's women’s sporting landscape in general," said league general manager Maree Taylor.

"This level of investment will drastically change the women’s professional game in New Zealand with immediacy and the flow-on effects will be felt for years to come.”

TBA will move its playing season from mid-year to October to December, finishing just before Christmas, a time in the New Zealand sporting calendar that will give women’s basketball the best possible exposure to fans and the wider media.

Sky Sport will continue to broadcast every game live in New Zealand, and games will also be shared around the world by a variety of partners.

Last season, the Tauihi league attracted nine players with links to the WNBA, along with Australia Opals captain Tess Madgen, and a raft of Tall Ferns.

However, by switching to later in the year, the league will now conflict with the Australian Women's National Basketball League (WNBL) and NCAA in the US.

Former Tall Fern Megan Compain, New Zealand’s only WNBA player to date, claimed the changes signified a transformation shift for girls’ and women's basketball in New Zealand.

“A shift in season will make Tauihi even more attractive to WNBA players, and the prospect of international teams joining the league promises to make it one of the best in the world.

“The players receiving a significant pay boost will financially put the teams ahead of many international leagues and really puts Tauihi on the map in a game that is played right around the world.”

TBA will release further details on the international teams in the

The free agency period, when players can approach the league to sign a deal to play in 2024, will open in the coming weeks.


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