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Artistic swimming duo named for Paris

Updated: 7 days ago

Eva Morris and Nina Brown artistic swimming
Eva Morris (left) and Nina Brown will be New Zealand's first Olympic artistic swimmers since 2008. PHOTO: THE NZ TEAM

Eva Morris and Nina Brown are set to become just the third-ever artistic swimming duo to represent New Zealand at an Olympic Games.

Tauranga's Morris, 26, and Auckland's Brown, 21, have been officially named to the New Zealand Team and will be the first artistic swimmers to represent New Zealand since sisters Lisa and Nina Daniels at Beijing 2008.


The only other New Zealanders to have competed in artistic swimming at Olympic level are sisters Katie and Lynette Sadleir at Los Angeles 1984.

Morris began artistic swimming as an eight-year-old following an assignment from her primary school teacher. The teacher got each student to follow a New Zealand athlete at the Beijing Olympics, and Morris became inspired.

“It is a dream come true being named on the Paris 2024 Olympic Team, I still can’t quite believe it,’ said Morris.

“Nina and I, along with the amazing support from our families and coach Marina Kholod have been working incredibly hard for the past six months in order to put our best foot forward in Paris.

“I am so proud to represent the sport of artistic swimming and have New Zealand back at the Olympics 16 years after I was introduced to the sport, as I watched Nina and Lisa Daniels compete at Beijing 2008.” 

Brown said being selected for the Games was a dream come true.

“This selection recognises our dedication, sacrifice and passion for our sport,” said Brown.

“This is not only for us, but for the athletes who have strived for this since Beijing and for the future of artistic swimming in New Zealand, showing these up-and-coming athletes the opportunities presented through high-performance sport.

"I am so grateful for my family and coaches who have supported me and shaped me into the individual and athlete I am today.”

New Zealand's Olympic spot was qualified at the Fukuoka World Aquatics Championships in 2023. Since then, the pair have been competing across Europe and Canada, and training at their base on the Gold Coast in Australia as they prepare for the pinnacle event.


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