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Saints import Mayen suspended for headbutt

The Wellington Saints' Lat Mayen has received a one-game suspension from the National Basketball League (NBL) game review commissioner (GRC) following an incident on Saturday.

Australian Mayen, a 6-foot-9 shooting guard, was charged with headbutting following the Saints' 96-85 at-times feisty win over the Taranaki Airs at New Plymouth's TSB Stadium.


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With 3:45 remaining, Mayen was given a disqualifying foul due to headbutting Airs forward Quintin Bailey, who he had tangled with running down the court.


Following the game, footage was reviewed by the GRC and the preliminary finding was that Mayen had committed a classifiable offence, pursuant to the NBL Tribunal Policy, namely headbutting involving intentional contact with the opponent that was of low impact to the head.

A base sanction of a $600 fine and a one-game suspension was handed down, which was reduced to a one-game suspension with an early plea.

Mayen, who has averaged 15.7 points, 5.0 rebounds and 2.8 assists in 10 games this season, will sit out the Saints' game against the Franklin Bulls at TSB Arena on Sunday (tip-off 6.30pm). 


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